My Heart Breaks

Uuuuggg. I’m in the midst of sleep-training my 9 month old. There is nothing harder than listening to your baby cry. Especially when you are supposed to just let them be, not go and fix the problem.

I do believe that in the end, we will all be better off. He has been sleeping better (once he’s asleep) and I have been sleeping better, which helps me fight off this nagging depression.

But boy-o-boy, my heart can only take so much of this. And his little face, with tears running down it, when I go in to check on him. HOW do people do this?

I’m hoping this crying lasts only a short while, and soon he will go to sleep on his own. That is the whole point of this deal, after all. If I  have to let him cry much longer, I’ll just say fooey on the whole thing and rock my sweet baby to sleep.



I’m going to contradict myself just a little – I was saying that I want to take little baby steps to get healthy. Well, that’s not working out for me either. I’ll just make a big grand gesture now, in the hopes that something will stick. *I’m going sugar-free for the foreseeable future!*

This means no pop, candy, or desserts. I’m going to let myself have fruit and juice (only the real kind of juice, lemonade doesn’t count); completely cutting out sugar is just not an option. For me, anyways. And fruit and juice are healthy, anyways! Unlike the two packages of Oreos that I ate in the last three days.

I’ll figure out this getting healthy business sometime.