One of my first posts was a list of things that I need to work on, that I maybe could write about here.

Start a blog: done.

Work on my follow through: in the process.

Go to sleep at a decent time: in the process.

So now I should probably write something about them. I’ve written a few things about my struggle with blogging. I honestly have no idea what I am doing. Zero. And there is no reason anyone would want to read about it. But – I guess I just don’t care. It’s for me. I want to learn something new, expand my horizons… So here we are.

By writing this blog, and keeping it up, I am working on my follow through. Another thing I’ve been working on is gettting to sleep at a decent time. My follow through on that has not been as great… I really want to get to bed early, but for some reason when it comes time to climb in, I would rather be awake. I like to watch TV, or look at Pinterest, or play games on Facebook. I know if I get to bed earlier, I feel better. I get so much more accomplished in a day. So why, or why, do I not just do it?

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