I want to figure out how to link things. Like when people say click HERE to go to whatever cool thing I’m talking about? Yeah, I wanna do that. How? I have no idea. Help, here I come!
O boy. I clicked on the “Get Help” button under the Help menu. What are all these things? Shortlinks, Text Widget Links, Email Links, Image Links, just plain old Links… Need I go on? I really never knew how much went into a blog. I have a whole new appreciation for all the beautiful blogs people put out.
After a little searching, I’ve come to the page that explains what I’m wanting to do. Here goes:
Click here to go to my very first post.

Did it work? If it does work, I will be so excited! Maybe next time I’ll link to a different site. Wouldn’t that be cool?! (I can get excited about little things.)

UPDATE: It works! Woohoo!

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