Reaching a goal

I’ve been thinking about my resolutions. How do I make sure that I am actually working towards them? I need to set some concrete goals, measurable ones.

For my first resolution – figure out where I’m going with this blog:

  • Post 90% of the days, since the more I post, the more I will figure out what I like to share. This means I have about 3 days a month that I can miss. Should be doable.
  • Once a week, learn something new about different settings, etc. for my blog.

Figure out how to use my camera:

  • Do the Weekly Photo Challenge every week. I think taking more pictures is the only way I will learn more about my camera.

Get healthy:

  • Start cooking meals. I’m horrid at this, so I’m going to go easy on myself and start with once a week for the first month.
  • Exercise. Once again, I’m horrid at this, so I’m going to start with once a week. For any amount of time. Doing any kind of exercise.

Get our finances under control:

  • Make a budget by the end of January.

It doesn’t look so hard to make changes when I have measurable goals written out. And writing them all out here will keep me more accountable.

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