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I’m following through on yesterdays goal. I’m going to figure out how to link to a different page/website/not sure what it’s called.
Over the holidays, I started reading a really interesting book. Super Brain by Deepak Chopra and Rudolph Tanzi. The book talks about using your brain to its full potential. I’m a little skeptical of some parts of it, like thinking away depression or brain injuries. But other parts I feel like I could apply to my own life.

One of the other things the book talks about is learning new things, or doing familiar things in different ways. So I guess I’m trying to use my brain to its full potential in that way, anyways! I only got about halfway through the book, and I came away with so much information. Interesting read, anyhow.

And I learned that it’s just as easy to link to one of my own posts as it is to link to another page. Just highlight the words you want to be used as the link, click the link button, and type (or copy in) the web address. Easy-peasy. Almost too easy to count for my goal of learning something new every week, but too bad.

2 thoughts on “More links

  1. Hey! Just wanted to let you know I’ve subscribed(?) to your blog. Or follow your blog…? Anyways, I now get an email every time you have a new post. Not gonna lie, it’s pretty exciting! And good work on your goals. 🙂

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