Zero to Hero: Day Two and Day Three(for me)

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been adding a few different “widgets” and things. It’s part of the Zero to Hero challenge.

For Day Two:

Today’s assignment: edit your title and tagline, and flesh them out more in a widget.

I’ve been trying to come up with a good name for a blog that as of yet has no direction. Any ideas? I’ve tried Single-Minded Uncertainty, Run of the Mill, and What’s New With You? so far.

For Day Three:

Today’s assignment: write the post that was on your mind when you decided to start a blog.

I was going to say that I didn’t know, but then I read this, and decided that was a cop-out. So here goes:

I’m not exactly sure what I was thinking when I started this blog. In the back of my mind was a hope that someday I’ll have a blog with thousands of followers and find a way to make money off of just typing up my witty remarks. I was also being a bit more realistic with the hope that I would figure out who I am and what I like by telling other people about it. I’m one of those people who need to talk out their problems. I say everything, then decide what I like the sound of, what I really think. I also like to think that maybe I’ll write something that will help someone else. I’ve gone through some hard times, and I would like to help other people through theirs. I often read things that really speak to me, so my hope is that even one person will read what I have to say and feel better. I also like the thought of a blog being a bit more impersonal than a face-to-face meeting. This way I can write what I think all in one go, and people can either agree with me, disagree, or not even read it. This works especially good right now, since I have so few readers… 🙂

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