My babes had a doctor’s appointment the other day. Shots were involved. Not much fun. But it got me thinking about how many decisions we as parents have to make for our helpless little ones. I’ve never really researched for myself all these big controversial issues. I just hear one thing from one place and another thing elsewhere, and mash it up and come up with listening to whatever my doctor recommends.

Is this a wise course? Here is a site that seems to be slighty biased. If I would listen to them, vaccines can cause cancer, infertility, and liver disease. I found all that in a scan of the headlines they have published. Now, I will admit I am slightly biased the other way. As is this site, I would guess. Their tag line says “your best shot at good health”.

What I really want is the truth. Where are the actual studies? Who did them? Who interpreted them? Are they biased? Is the information that I get at the doctor’s up to date? Are the alternative medicine people just trying to scare me?

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