Weekly Photo Challenge: Window(s)

g 075

g 108

I was lucky enough to get out and take some new pictures this week. It reminded me that I really do like to take pictures. It’s fun. And relaxing. And stimulates my mind. It’s good for me. Even if the photos will never do anything but sit on my computer, or get published on a blog that few people read.

I find that I am excited every Friday, waiting to see what my new “assignment” is for the week. That is why I’m doing this blog. To add something to my life. If at any point, this becomes just another thing I need to do, it’s gone-zo. I’ve dealt with too much stress in my life that I can’t control to let something that I can control stress me out. So get it while you can – this may be a limited time only deal.

Life is short. Do what makes you happy. They may be clichés, but they are true.

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