Zero to Hero – Day Five, Six, and Seven

I’m trying to do a little catch up here.

Day Five’s assignment:

Today’s assignment: try out at least three other themes — even if you’re happy with the one you have. Include at least one you would never think of using.

Well, I found a bunch. As you can see, I settled on a new one, called “Fiore”. I just think it’s kinda cute. I tried one that puts every post into a column. Yuck. That did not look good. Also, I realized that I don’t like themes that make you click on a “Read More” link if you want to finish the post. I hate doing that on other blogs, so why would I make other people do it on mine?

I do think I will be changing out my theme more. I think I will like different themes depending on my mood, so I’m going to head back there and check them out again another day.

Day Six’s assignment:

Today’s Assignment: publish a post that includes a new-to-you element.

My new element is going to be my profile on Pinterest. I’m a little addicted to Pinterest, as you may be able to see:

Day Seven’s assignment:

Today’s assignment: create and upload a simple header, or test out a few different backgrounds.

The only thing I switched was the little header picture. I’m not sure I like the one I put up there, but I can always change it. The real reason I liked this theme was that I felt like I didn’t have to do much to it. It looked good just how it was. But this challenge is about learning how to blog, and that includes customizing. Maybe another day I will want to do a little more, and now I know how. That’s all I really wanted from this challenge.

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