Zero to Hero – Days Ten, Eleven and Twelve

Day Ten:

Today’s assignment: add and customize two widgets.

When I switched my theme, my widget for Zero to Hero was no longer. So I added that and also an archive widget. Exciting, now that I have more than one month that you can look at.

Day Eleven:

Today’s assignment: leave comments on at least three blogs that you’ve never commented on before.

The following is off of the Zero to Hero page. A few things to think about when leaving comments on a blog:

  • Add something substantive to the discussion — avoid “Great post, I agree!” or “Thanks for sharing this!” comments, unless they also expand the discussion.
  • Be specific about what you enjoyed in the post.
  • Ask a relevant question.
  • Respectfully offer a counterpoint. (And because it can’t be overstated: respectfully.)
  • Share a related experience — a relevant anecdote that moves the conversation along.
  • Be concise. No one wants to read rambling thoughts. If your comment ends up being more than a paragraph, maybe you should just write a post and let the blogger know you’ve responded that way.
  • Don’t leave a shameless plug that simply links to your blog — these are meaningless, are often deleted, and aren’t the right way to get attention. Your name links back to your blog anyway.
  • Mind your manners. If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t say it in their comment thread. Criticism is fine, but there’s no need to be rude.

I must say, I’m more the type to just write “Yep, love it!” and move on. This makes me think a little bit. I’ll write some comments that add to the conversation for this challenge.

Day Twelve:

Today’s assignment: write a post that builds on one of the comments you left yesterday. Don’t forget to link to the other blog!

I posted on three different blogs, but the one I’m going to write a post about is….(drum roll, please)…4 Mothers blog post about the Debt Diet. They have a link to Happy Simple Living, which is where you will find the actual January Money Diet challenge. Look for my post on this soon…

2 thoughts on “Zero to Hero – Days Ten, Eleven and Twelve

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