Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

I’m tired of doing Zero to Hero. I’m going to take a break from it. Maybe at some point I’ll come back and do the rest, but right now I’m not feeling very inspired by it. And it shows. The Weekly Photo Challenge, on the other hand… I’m still excited about.

Here is my take on Family:


No, it isn’t a perfect picture. But or daily life isn’t perfect either. This just shows how well they cooperate.


I like this photo for some reason. I’m not sure why, neither is smiling, they aren’t looking at each other, and Brent isn’t looking at the camera. But I like it anyways.


I like how Brent is looking at Blake here. Blake looks a little startled. This is a pretty accurate depiction of every day life.


As is this one. I told Brent he couldn’t smile – this is what I got.

One thought on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

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