I’m going to broaden my horizons. Explore a new path. Go a little crazy. Or something. I’ve decided to try my hand at learning Spanish.

Our local library has a new online resource called “Pronunciator”. There are 60 some languages that you can learn. I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish, and this is FREE. So what do I have to lose?

I hope it’s not just another one of my really great ideas that fizzle out in about 3 days. So far, so good. Ask me again in a week.

I’ve only learned some really basic phrases. Like “por favor”, “gracias”, and of course “bano”. Please, thank you, and the most important: toilet. For all of you Spanish speakers, I know that I’m missing some squiggly lines above different letters  and maybe some upside down question marks or something. I just haven’t quite got to the point where I know how to type in the language. Give me a week or two. Or maybe a year.

One thought on “Bano?

  1. I wish my library had something like that 🙂 English is my first language and I taught myself Spanish. Knowing another language really opens your eyes to the world is an experience you won’t regret. I have been trying to learn a third one, but I simply cannot dedicate myself to one. I wish you luck!

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