Quotable Quotes

You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.

-Margaret Thatcher


Story of my life, lately.


Healthy Living Habits


I am not healthy. I’m 60 lbs overweight, can barely run, on medication for depression, have a really bad sweet tooth, have little energy for dealing with my kids or keeping the house clean, and I could go on. I would like to be healthy. I’ve tried many different things, many different times. My problem is that I can’t keep it up. I always start with an over abundance of enthusiasm, thinking I’ll change my whole life in the next month. All I have to do is run every day, quit eating sugar, and get a cleaning schedule going. Easy-peasy.

I’m finally getting older and wiser. I’ve decided to start very small, and keep the change up until it’s a habit before starting another one.

My first change was to remember to take my medication every day. I know, its not a very big step. But it’s something that I’ve struggled with. I set an alarm on my phone for everyday at 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. to remind me. I’ve now gone 2 whole weeks without forgetting! Yay me! Now I’m ready for my next healthy change.

I’m going to drink a 1/2 gallon of water every day, for 2 weeks straight. If I miss a day, I start over. I’m hoping to feel better, and not get as many headaches if I’m fully hydrated.


To see what Mayo Clinic has to say about staying hydrated click here.

The light at the end of the tunnel

light at the end of the tunnel

I’ve been going through a rough patch. Again. Sometimes it seems like all that I do is try to figure out how to pull myself out of the rut of depression. This time I knew it was coming. I was switching medications, and that always throws me for a loop. Didn’t make it any easier, though.

But. I am finally feeling like maybe, just maybe, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. (Hence the picture. Thank you, Captain Obvious.) I have a few things that I’m looking forward to, which is the best indicator for me that things are looking up. When I’m not feeling so great, nothing can excite me or motivate me.

So, the things that I’m looking forward to? Well, I’m going to start working again. For my husband. Doing paperwork, which I love. Good deal all around. I’m also on a Curriculum Committee for the local school district. This is something new, not only for me, but also for the district. Should be interesting. And of course, summer. Aaaah, summer. I’ve located a few buds on trees, grass starting to green up, and a few brave flowers creeping out. It really is coming!

What are you looking forward to?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Window(s)

g 075

g 108

I was lucky enough to get out and take some new pictures this week. It reminded me that I really do like to take pictures. It’s fun. And relaxing. And stimulates my mind. It’s good for me. Even if the photos will never do anything but sit on my computer, or get published on a blog that few people read.

I find that I am excited every Friday, waiting to see what my new “assignment” is for the week. That is why I’m doing this blog. To add something to my life. If at any point, this becomes just another thing I need to do, it’s gone-zo. I’ve dealt with too much stress in my life that I can’t control to let something that I can control stress me out. So get it while you can – this may be a limited time only deal.

Life is short. Do what makes you happy. They may be clichés, but they are true.